Rights advocacy

We are building communities that respect the rights and freedoms of her […]

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Community Based Rehabilitation

ICD undertake the sustainable Community Based Rehabilitation for persons with disabilities

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Inclusive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

With Support from Water for People and AHF, we are position to […]

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Our Mission

To uplift the quality of life of marginalised strands and promote their independence

Current Projects

Integrated SRH

Currently, the Heroes 4 Gender Transformative Action Programme (Heroes 4 GTA is […]


Covid-19 Resources

We are currently supporting COVID-19 prevention measures including access to vaccines. Our […]



Our History and Philosophy

Bona Inclusive Community Development (ICD) is a Community Based and led organisation that is currently working in Eastern Uganda. We believe in the power of the people themselves as both agents and brokers of change. We equally subscribe to the principles of diversity and inclusion regardless. We believe in leaving no one behind in community development and therefore endeavour to identify and tackle exclusionary forces.

ICD Programmes apply a gender, diversity and evidence-based approaches that challenge the status quo of inequality and discrimination against women and girls, persons with disabilities, older persons and other minority groups. The organisation’s mandate is to provide promote equity, equality and empower communities through holistic programmes that address their critical needs, while putting greater emphasis on ending exclusion and vulnerability. 

Over the years ICD had discovered that the challenges faced in the pilot cell (Bugiri) are a reflection of the national picture as well as the common happenings in sub–Saharan Africa. This situation contributes and/or results in poverty, powerlessness, marginalisation and discrimination. Unless a combination of local with globally-tested solutions are put into play, there is a likelihood that the plight may not be addressed even with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).