About Us

Our History and Philosophy

Bona Inclusive Community Development (ICD) is a Community Based and led organization that is currently working in Eastern Uganda. We believe in the power of the people themselves as both agents and brokers of change. We equally subscribe to the principles of diversity and inclusion regardless. We believe in leaving no one behind in community development and therefore endeavor to identify and tackle exclusionary forces.

ICD Programmes apply a gender, diversity and evidence-based approaches that challenge the status quo of inequality and discrimination against women and girls, persons with disabilities, older persons and other minority groups. The organization’s mandate is to provide promote equity, equality and empower communities through holistic programmes that address their critical needs, while putting greater emphasis on ending exclusion and vulnerability. 

Over the years ICD had discovered that the challenges faced in the pilot cell (Bugiri) are a reflection of the national picture as well as the common happenings in sub–Saharan Africa. This situation contributes and/or results in poverty, powerlessness, marginalization and discrimination. Unless a combination of local with globally-tested solutions are put into play, there is a likelihood that the plight may not be addressed even with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our 2022 strategic plan is informed by our ever-growing model that fuses development in culture and creates societies that spur their own development by including all the marginalized categories of people within community development. Our approach therefore is one that considers cases in communities as well as collective action. From inclusive education to inclusion in financial services and recognition of fundamental rights, ICD sees herself as a future leader and strong partner in inclusion in the sub-Saharan Africa region.

ICD is a member of the District Council for Persons with Disabilities, the National Council for Older Persons, Community Based Rehabilitation Africa Network (CAN), Community Based Rehabilitation Alliance (COMBRA), Forum for Education NGOs in Uganda (FENU), the National NGO Forum, the Disability and Ageing Technical working group in Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the Inter-sectoral Committee on Violence Against Children, the National Menstruation Hygiene Management Committee, the Adolescent Working Group, and National Child Participation Committee. As a member of these forums, the organisation has participated and contributed to the review of various national policies, supported in the dissemination of national polices on inclusive development, shared experiences and learning from each other.