Deaf Awareness Week

We Believe in including all persons including the Deaf 

We Believe in including all persons including the Deaf 

Are our children learning in the lock-down?

The Government of Uganda has announced that, schools will remain closed until such a time when C-19 subsides or a permanent solution is found. Meanwhile, children have been told to access lessons through their radios and Televisions. Aware of the 98% challenges associated with possession of a communication gadget, electricity/ power, timing of the lessons, subscription to Televisions; we are not sure whether the available 2% access is inclusive of learners with Disabilities.

In July 2020, ICD UGANDA will embark on a Rapid Assessment Study to establish whether learners with disabilities are accessing and utilisng the media-based curriculum. Join us to make a noble contribution towards inclusive policy development in the region. Please get in touch with us by emailing:

COVID-19, what is the impact of the ‘new normal’?

Our communities are particularly vulnerable to the spread of COVID-19. The creation of a normalcy that transcends generations is adversely impacting on our development trajectories. The new un-planned pregnancies that are most likely to cause a ‘C-19 baby boomer’, the anticipated famine as a result of the lock-down, the escalation of HIV to AIDs among others are likely to negatively impact on community productivity, consumption patterns and ultimately wellbeing.

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Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

It sounded so far in Huwan
Alas! It’s here with us!
It is called the novel Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19)

It is an absolute war – that is how it has been described in our communities
Everything seems to be catching people un-aware and having a devastating toll on incomes, health and wellness
Our communities have not had any preparation even amidst the call for social distancing and staying at home. The basics such as water (which is a gendered need) and soap are nowhere to be seen and our governments seem reluctant to provide such essential commodities.

It is our appeal that we respond to our community needs but particularly the health needs of older persons and persons with disabilities